My name is O…D to the U B, I used move MP3s by the G Bs…

First of all, a big hand to the various Soul Sides Squad members who took up the slack during the last few weeks: Kris Ex, Hua, Jon C, Noz, and Gene(ius). I very much appreciated not only their dedication of time to this lil site, but also the diversity of music they brought to the table. Anytime the No Limit fan site mirrors one of our entries (the one on Lil Mac), you know something is going right.

Second of all, I’m back. Sort of. Fatherhood means that I probably can’t post daily but given that there were about 311,310,921 new audioblogs created in the last week, it’s not like you’ll be at a loss to find other places to visit. Bottomline though: Soul Sides isn’t going anywhere – we’re sprouting seeds like Dr. Greenthumb, whether in the blogosphere or the real world.

One thing to look out for – I’ve been slowly revamping my mixtapes page/catalog and will try to bring that back up shortly. I just finished a new mix-CD (hip-hop) for my friend Adam Mansbach’s upcoming novel, Angry Black White Boy. Somewhere, along the line, I have Deep Covers 2 in planning, a female funk/soul mix-CD and (ya’ll know this had to happen), a Best of Soul Sides Special mix too. Keep tuned.



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