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I’m finishing up the 7 days of soul challenge (thanks again to Michael Barnes) with my favorite soul track of the last couple of months:

The Equatics: Merry Go-Round (Now-Again, 2010, Doin’ It!!!)

I feel rather stupid since I slept on “Merry-Go-Round” specifically by 1) totally missing when Now-Again reissued this most obscure of Virginia soul LPs in 2010 and also failing to listen to it when Now-Again put it onto their excellent Loving On The Flipside compilation in 2012. ,It took until this fall for me to finally give the song the notice it deserved…and even then, only because I heard it used during the opening credits to the third episode of Master of None. Better late than never and all that.

I’m not suggesting this is all about the hook but…this is kind of all about the hook. Even if they borrow heavily from the Persuaders’ “Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” the sing-a-long infectiousness is irresistible. And all that from a high school band?!