Kelis: Trick Me (TM Juke Remix)
From Rebtuz Vol. 3 (2005)

Time Machine feat. Ed O.G.: Mind In a Spin
From 12″ (Glow-In-The-Dark, 2005)

Pitch Black: Nice
From 12″ (Travio, 2005)

Some new tracks for your consideration.

First up is the TM Juke remix of Kelis’ “Trick Me” off the new Rebtuz Vol 3 12″. The first two 12″s have been dead-on solid, especially Vol. 2. The Quantic Soul Orchestra remixes have always been a highlight on previous volumes but for the third single, Juke’s got the joint. I swear to god though, isn’t he using the drum break from “Getcho Soul Together” by Breakestra? Provided, it’s a great break, but I find it funny that a lot of folks have looped this off a neo-funk 45. Anyways, solid, swinging funk remix of a Kelis song that I never remembered in its original form anyways. (By the way, while this 3rd 12″ isn’t quite as good as the previous two, it’s still really goddamn good. Seriously).

Next is one of the few indie-ground rap singles I actually like (believe me, ’tis a rarity these days). Time Machine’s ground out an impressive series of 12″s and this is the first teaser from what I assume will be their sophomore album. I’m feeling that off-kilter, dub-influenced track – it’s some ish you could hear some mixtape cat spitting over. Hotness. Bonus = Ed O.G. on the cameo tip.

I like “Nice” but can we just be candid here, fam? Is it me or did Primo practically vanish in the last two years since The Ownerz? While I think his track for “Nice” is, you know, nice, it’s not FYYYRREEEE, which is what we used to know the Works of Mart to be. So fine – maybe Just Blaze shouldn’t be described as “the new Premier” but at least someone out there is dropping the ridic street heat. Primo, where art thou?