Ninjaman feat. Tinga Stewart: Cover Me & Take Time To Know Her
From Anything Test Dread (VP, 2001)

Heartical Don Bonus: Shabba Ranks:Peeny Peeny
From Caan Dun – The Best of Shabba (VP, 1995)

Editor’s Note: The latest in the Soul Sides Summer Songs series is from the erstwhile Warscribe, aka Kris Ex.

Sez Kris:

    “Having grown up and lived my whole life in Brooklyn’s Caribbean hotbeds, summer to me is the season of green bottles and slow grinds in basement parties. So, basically, any song with a bass line that encourages bubbling, wining, or any other form of vertical dry humping fits the bill. I’m not talking about “Welcome to Jamrock,” either—tune dat encourage man fi pose up like dem Chuck Norris nah mek it. Neither does the other big tune ‘pon road right now because, after 48 oz of beer and half a dozen pulls on a Backwood, the last thing my mind is a self-righteous dread screamingcaveat emptor! Fi true, you need songs that make you feel like shorty who was “just okay” 36 ounces ago, but looking might cotdamned good right about is like, The One. Like:

    “Yuh na talk to me before, now you wan’ fi chat?”

    “Nah shorty, I’m just shy. But right now, they’re playing my shit: the Original Front Tooth, Gold Tooth, Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon. And when he do what he do with man like Tinga it makes me think that we should sublet some real estate on the wall before it’s all gone, yaoming?”

    “Boy, yuh chat funny.”

    “Yes, daughter, but mi wine serious. So let’s put down first, last and insurance on that spot by the water pipe.”

    P.S. – It’s becoming exponentially harder to come by a good basement party as one grows older, but they’re still worth seeking out.”

By the way…

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