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What is the site’s history?

Soul Sides originally began in the summer of 2000. It was designed as a records review site.

The transition to a blog took place in May 2003 but I didn’t begin including soundfiles until February 2004, the informal “birth” of the site as an audioblog (and a darn fine one, we think).

Do you take requests?

I take…”suggestions” via the “Ask Us Whatever“ form but keep in mind that it’s hard for me to honor most requests because of other time or music access but it’s worth a shot.

Any other questions?


Author info:

I began writing professionally in 1994; a column for Asian Week. Then Jeff Chang recruited me to write on music for URB and soon thereafter, I landed my most important gig (in terms of my development as a writer) at the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Since then, I’ve written for almost every major hip-hop magazine to have come along since the mid-1990s, including The Source, XXL, Blaze, Vibe, Scratch, etc. I’ve also written for Spin, Yolk, A Magazine, The Nation, Mother Jones, the LA Weekly, Minneapolis City Pages, and Boston Phoenix, not to mention more/other defunct pubs and websites than I’ll ever care to remember.

These days, my primary outlets are NPR, KCET’s Artbound, and KPCC’s Take Two show.

Thanks to this blog, I was able to produce my first official CD compilation in 2006, Soul Sides Vol. 1. The second volume followed in the spring of 2007. I continue to produce mixes on my own.

In 1993, I began as a DJ at KALX FM in Berkeley and had a show there through 2004. And between 2013-2015, I had my Shades of Soul show on RadioSombra.org.

I continue to spin out in clubs and I’m available for booking for private gigs, events and weddings.

Oliver Wang, Los Angeles