Sorry for the long hiatus. After getting back from New Orleans, I got hammered with work and am only now getting back ahead of it. To make up for the prolonged absence, I super-sized this episode with 13 tracks, including songs I brought home from NOLA.

As I mentioned in the show, here’s the Guardian playlist I prepped re: David Axelrod and you can see the cover of Afreaka! above.

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  • The Electric Prunes (prod. by David Axelrod): General Confessional (Reprise, 1968)
  • Computa Games: Computer Rock (Superjock, 2017)
  • Lonnie Russ: Something Old, Something New (4 J, 1962)
  • Chris Bartley: The Sweetest Thing This Side of Heaven (Vando, 1967)
  • The Vibrations: Watusi Time (OKeh, 1965)
  • Southern University Stage Band: Ain’t No Way (Whit, 1968)
  • Demon Fuzz: Another Country (Janus, 1970)
  • Carla Thomas: I’ve Fallen In Love (Stqx, 1968)
  • Pratt & Moody: Lost Lost Lost (Stylart, 2017)
  • Ruly Garcia: Sol Latino (Colonial Discos Latinos, 196?)
  • We All Together: Children (MAG, 1972)
  • The Ohio Players (feat. Junie Morrison): Funky Worm (Westbound, 1972)
  • James Brown (feat. Clyde Stubblefield): Give It Up or Turn It Loose (remix) (Polydor, 1986)