The Prince of Ballard used to run Armed Snobbery (though he shuttered the doors in December). If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he put together one of the sickest remixes to grace our pages, flipping Bobby Reed’s “Time Is Right For Love.”

Mr. POB recently hollered to let us know about Beach Life, an “album” of sorts featuring summer-inspired remixes and edits, just in time for the last month of the season. We’ve been sampling through it this morning and…it is awesome. I’ve never met him in person but our musical tastes are in such absolute lock. Just peep this remix of Willie West’s “I Sleep With the Blues.”

Good gawd that’s good. And he’s got 16 other songs on here.

Sleep not.

By the way, I’ve been digging through POB’s remix catalog and how did I miss this?

Lil Wayne meets blue-eyed gospel funk. So sacrilegious, so good.

And Rick Ross doing it up boogaloo style? YUP.

And you know I’m gonna ride for this: