I always want Keys to be a better songwriter (or pick better songs written for her) than she typically does. This is a classic example of one of her “going big!” songs that has some of the wackiest lyrics ever: “she’s got her feet on the ground/and she’s burning it down”? Really? But the thing with Keys’s “going big!” songs is that The. Girl. Can. Go. Big. She makes it rain so hard that I’m even willing to overlook the laughably corny Citibank ad this song debuted on.

Is it me or does the UK have massive advantage over the US on young, soulful singer/songwriter types right now?

You can hate her now but while “Gangnam Style” was the bigger (and more significant) viral hit, “Call Me Maybe” is one of the best pure pop songs in recent memory.

Originally from Malaysia, Yuna hit my radar early in ’12 with “Love Your Live.” I’m a total sucker for Yuna’s style of vocal smokiness; I want to curl up inside that voice and chill there for a few. And I love that she’s covering Frank Ocean tunes.