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Mini-mixers: I know you were curious about this yourself a while back and considered the irig since the Columbia GMX is almost impossible to find.What’s the verdict? What do you use?

I bought the iRig but I haven’t actually used it “in the field.” I can talk about my logic in choosing it but first this: I didn’t really “need” a portable mixer. The only reason I bothered was because I have a pair of Columbia GP-3s and aesthetically, I wanted a small mixer to use with them rather than lugging out something like one of the classic slim Vestax mixers (let alone my Rane).

Obviously, if it were all about aesthetics, the GMX-3 would make the most sense. However, besides the fact that – as you point out – they’re very very hard to come by, from what I’ve seen…it doesn’t have a cue function. I could be wrong about that but assuming I’m correct, that makes it substantially less useful as an actual mixer. Obviously, if I came across a GMX-3 at a swap meet, I would snap it up but in terms of a functional mixer, the iRig seemed like a good call for something very small, portable but with decent features. Obviously, it’s not going to replace a more serious mixer but for use with a pair of portables, it makes solid sense (at least on paper).

Anyways, since we opened this topic, while I’m quite happy with the GP-3 (it’s as solid a portable as you can ask for), if I were so inclined to go with a different set…why not double up on the Big Birds? Or, if you really want to catch some eyes, the Philips “UFO” players. (For the record: the Phillips is gorgeous but not terribly practical as a portable).

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