Banda Fiebre: Fiebre Nocturna (Fever Night)
Que Tan Grande Es Tu Amor (How Deep Is Your Love)
From 7″ (Musart, 1978?)

The Bee-Gees may have been the first musical group I have any memory of. Disco fanatics can debate whether the group propelled or ultimately helped kill disco but I still have a fond place for their tunes which I still think stand the test of time as good pop songs even if they weren’t the pinnacle of disco saber. Speaking of which: recently came across this 7″ out of the Florida area (though I don’t now if that’s where Banda Fiebre hailed from) that has two covers of Saturday Night Fever tunes. I like both sides but especially their Spanish-language version of “How Deep Is Your Love?” which sounds great in any language.