05 Labido

  • The SF Chronicle looks at the secrets of success and longevity for two record stores, including the Groove Merchant.
  • It’s time for the annual gift guide from ego trip. Some genuinely kick ass stuff in here; those 45 adapters are tempting.
  • Strike a (DJ) pose. I’m a pointer.
  • A new album by my friend/mentor Josh Kun looks at the Latin/Jewish music connection.
  • Lil Dave and Personify’s Gotcha Covered is one of the covers-related mixes I’ve heard yet (*cough cough* that doesn’t bear my name).
  • Joey Bada$$ + a vintage J-Dilla beat = “Two Lips“.
  • Kanye talked to some people on the radio.
  • And if you haven’t read it yet, learn you something: me and Jeff Weiss talk about the Tupac/Biggie freestyle friendly from 1993.