The folks at Cultures of Soul have a new CD/LP out – World’s Funkiest Covers – and obviously, this is of interest to moi! There’s some of my personal favorites on here, including Nostalgia 77’s wicked remake of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes and, of course, Ray Barretto’s epic “Pastime Paradise” cover.

You can peep some samples off the album below:
World’s Funkiest Covers Preview by Culturesofsoul

(Purchase the comp here).

Two things:

1) COS was nice enough to sponsor a CD giveaway for this new album. To enter, send us an email, subject line “Covers giveaway” and in the body of the email, I want to know what your favorite cover song is. Easy enough?

(Contest over. Winner to be announced in our next post).

2) COS, DJ Phatrick and I are all teaming up for next week’s Devil’s Pie, where I’ll put together a new covers set (hopefully, the beginning stages of a new mix too) for the occasion.

On that note, one artist that will be included in my mix next week is this:

The Katzenjammers: Cars
Do That To Me One More Time
From Panatics (S.E. Music/Long View, 198?)

I first learned about this incredible steel drum cover of Gary Numan’s “Cars” some years ago when Red Hook reissued it on 7″. It’s so surprising a cover that you’d be tempted to think it was some new recording (after all, Cookin’ On 3 Burners covered this song not that long ago). But nope, this comes from an early ’80s album by the Katzenjammers. Besides the prerequisite cover of “Yellow Bird” that appears on every steel drum album ever cut, the album also proclaims (via cover sticker) that it has a version of “Do It To Me One More Time.”