Earlier in the year, a documentarian named Mathew Ramirez Warren contacted me about a possible interview. Mathew is putting together a full-length film on the history of Latin boogaloo – We Like It Like That – and obviously, this is a topic near and dear to me. Before he came out to interview me, he sent me a few clips of what he had already shot.

I was floored.

The story of Latin boogaloo, in my opinion, has been remarkably ignored. There are any number of theories to explain that relative absence (we don’t have to get into them here, again) but my point is that We Like It Like That promises to be a massive correction in finally shedding light on the music and personalities who helped ignite one of the great only-in-America music styles of the 20th century. It’s hard to overstate how hungry people are to hear this story told; Mathew showed a work-in-progress draft in Central Park earlier this summer and I began to hear about it through random people, all of them excited at what the film is setting out to do. Here’s a trailer:

Mathew has a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the remaining production/editing needs for the film. I just donated to it and I hope you do too. I’ll try to work with Mathew about creating some kind of bonus for Soul Sides’ readers who donate to the campaign (maybe a custom boogaloo mix?) but seriously, this is a film that absolutely needs to come to life and I hope those of you who’ve enjoyed my posts on boogaloo through the years will consider lending some support too, even if it’s just a couple of bucks.

Also: join the We Like It Like That Facebook page.