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Etoile De Dakar : Tolou Badou Ndiaye

taken from their self-titled album on SACEM (1980)

Elias Rahbani : From The Moon

taken from the 12″ single on EMI (1978)

Formula 7 : Trouble

taken from their self-titled album on Castelinho (1970)

Erick Cosaque Et Les Voltages 8 : Decere Nou De Maye

taken from the album “Chene A Kunta Kinte” on SACEM (197?)

In case you didn’t already know by now, I get more geeked off vinyl than your average DJ. Moreso even than your run-of-the-mill skinny-necked record nerd. I even have nightmares that I will oneday join the ranks of those golem-esque record-fiending freaks who stop bathing and lose all social skills in the sole pursuit of posessing the holy plastic grail. If you see me start to get like that, please intervene.

However, in the meantime what that means for you all is that I’ve been hoarding some serious monsters for a special occaision. As a frequenter of the Soulstrut.com forums, I found my occaision in the form of what we strutters call an “ISH”. This ISH business provides a place for similarly crazed crate-diggers to show off some of their favorite obscurities to fellow record nerds. Being the geek that I am, I went for it. Today’s tunes are culled from the same stash that made it into my ISH. For those that are new to this website, I highly recommend hanging out for a little while. Amid the flurry of non-record-related bullshwank, there’s the occaisional nuggets of real-world knowledge- not to mention a whole lot of music sharing. Without further ado, onto the music…