Main Black Guys

eBay is generally filled with a lot of questionable auctions but this one deserves Hall of Shame status on several levels, not the least of which is for the stunningly racist stupidity underlying it.

    “We are now certain this is not Marvin Gaye. But we are certain this is a 1970s black singer, actor or music group. The photos are from Hawaii in 1978-1980. If you can identify anyone in these photos please let us know who they are so we can change the description. Once we have identified the main black guys (we think they are the most famous) we can put a realistic price on the photos.

    If you look at the photo below showing the LP cover of “Santified Lady” you can see Marvin’s nose is sharper and his nostrils are more flaired than our 1978-79 guy. The 1985 LP cover was taken 4-5 years later and as far as we can tell he did not have plastic surgery so we have dismissed marvin as a canidate. If you have any thoughts or ideas we’d love to hear from you.

    Circa. 1978-79 ~ at first we thought these were photos of the last days of Marvin Gaye hiding out in Hawaii… with Karen Carpenter? …and many others. Most of the photographs are taken at an undisclosed Honolulu party house and include a backyard pot garden.This album belonged to a girl named anne, annie or anna. The photos tell a story of fame, sex, booze, drug addiction and broken down cars.

    Included are ALL photos relating to the relationship between the white girl and the black guy our possession, at least 70-100 photos showing candid dating, drinking, drugs and bedroom scenes (nothing XXX). The main black guy appears in at least 30 of the photos, Karen Carpenter? is in 10 photos. That might be Tom Burris with Karen (both are dressed in all white) and Honolulu would have been a stopover on their honeymoon trip in Bora Bora. We believe she also did a photo shoot here in 1978 for “Honolulu City Lights”.

    The main black guy’s life is cleary & personally told through these photos. We’ve distorted or burred the images to preserve integrity of Ebay listing.

    THE FINAL BLACK & WHITE PHOTO COLLAGE BELOW IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION. And some of those photos are currently up for sale on Ebay. These are the photos “anne” took while she was at work at the Diamond Head Movie Studio. Most are her posing with the Stars. James Stewart, Angie Dickeson, Valerie Bertinilli, James McCarthur, Dinnie and Marie Osmond, Jack Lord and Paul Williams just to name a few… it gives you an idea of why we thought this could have been Marvin Gaye. Almost every photo in the album is of a TV or Movie legend. ALL of the personal black guy photos are included in the above ebay listing as are all of the person we think might be Karen Carpenter. photos (all of the island touring, at home and partying photos).”

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