Julius Brockington and the Magic Force: This Feeling
From 7″ (Burman, 1973)

(same): This Feeling (Freedom) Part 1
From 7″ (Burman, 1974)

You’re not seeing double – not exactly at least. “This Feeling,” originally came out in 1973, a slick soul groover with a fantastic, catchy chorus – “hold on to…this…feeling…freedom…freedom.” For some reason though, the single was popular enough to warrant a remix a year later in 1974. “This Feeling (Freedom) Part 1” retains the basics of the original arrangementl but now adds some whining synthesizers on top (very Dr. Dre circa The Chronic) and the feel is more aggressive than its progenitor. While I’m sure there were other remixes being done prior to this, I can’t remember of a case where a 7″ single got remixed onto 7″ again. Go figure.