Learn Something

1) Two giants of the funk/soul/hip-hop collecting/producing/mixtapemaking world have joined the ranks of audiobloggers:

Phil The Soulman aka Phill Most Chill is at: That Real Schitt. He’s already got old remixes up, plus some choice old school footage.

Next, we have Kon, of Kon and Amir fame, with Playin’ 4 Keeps. He’s only on his first post, about keyboardist Matt Cassell.

Kon and Phil join other recent hip-hop heavies in the blogging world including Just Blaze and Stretch Armstrong.

2) Speaking of links – I just updated the Soul Sides blogroll.

I’ll be the first to admit: I do a terrible job in keeping my links fresh and I realize, part of the problem is that folks send me links and they get buried in the rest of my email. In order to simplify, I created a new email address strictly for links. Apologies to those who sent me links over the last few months but if you don’t see your site in the new blogroll, just hit me again and I’ll take a look.