Had some time to kill this afternoon while waiting on some ribs to cook up on the grill. Decided to jump on the tables and put together an impromptu radio show on 75 minutes, mixing up some new arrivals, some classics, and some stuff I literally just grabbed randomly off the wall.

The Ozone Show: Saturday Night Special (1-26-13)

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    Bolivar Blues Band: Speaker Equilibrium (Bolivar Speaker Works, 1977)
    Asha Puthli and the Surfers: Sunny (Columbia India, 1960s)
    The Mandells: There Will Be Tears (Trans World Sound, 1960s)
    Eruption: I Can’t Stand the Rain (Ariola, 1978)
    Blvd. Mosse: Can’t Stop the Hypeness (Scorpio, 1990)
    Delfonics: Ready or Not Here I Come (Philly Groove, 1968)
    Ray Alexander Technique: My Special One (Harlem Sound, 1974)
    The Honey Drippers: Streakin’ (Alaga, 1974)
    Odell Brown and the Organizers: Think About It (Cadet, 1968)
    Oliver Sain: On the Hill (Abet, 1971)
    Linda Jones: Hypnotized (Loma, 1967)
    Pete Rock and CL Smooth: We Specialize (EastWest, 1996)
    Freshco and Miz: Ain’t U Frescho? (Tommy Boy, 1990)
    James Brown: Bring It Up (King, 1967)
    Tomorrow’s Children: Sister Big Stuff (London, 1970s)
    MF Grimm: Do It For the Kids (Fondle Em, 1998)
    Bobby Hutcherson: Montara (Blue Note, 1975)
    Ronny Lapine: Side by Side (Hop and Scotch, 1980s)
    Richie Havens: Going Back to My Roots (Elektra, 1980)
    Shock: Footsteps Across Your Mind (Sirocco, 1976)
    Manzel: Space Funk (Fraternity, 1977)
    Fantastic Epic’s: Fun and Funk Pt. II (Tories, 1969)
    John Lewis: I Can’t Get It Started (Pacific Jazz, 1950s)


Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall 2012 299x207

In going through my old radio aircheck tapes, I found one labelled with my dude Adam Mansbach’s name, from 2003. How old is this? It’s so old that he tells us to “look out for my upcoming book, The Angriest White Boy in the World” (or something like that; I’m paraphrasing). That book, of course, turned out to be entitled Angry Black White Boy but my point is: this was from a ways back.

Adam is now touting his latest book (two novels and one runaway hit “children’s” book later), Rage Is Back. Read his hilarious accounts of what being on book tour is like (spoiler: not anything like you see in movies).

In any case, Adam rolled through with a selection of tunes on that show, along with whatever I was into back in ’03.

September 16, 2003 (download)

Special guest DJ: Adam Mansbach, author of Shackling Water

    Flavornaughts: Asa Quebrada
    Human Race: Human Race
    Oliver Sain: On the Hill
    Alvin Robinson: Down Home Girl
    Phil Upchurch: Spinning Wheel
    Joe Cain: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mambo Pt. 1
    Flavornaughts: Mexican Rave

    *Adam’s Picks*
    Olympic Runners: Out to Lunch
    Stanley Cowell: Miss Viki
    Gene Russell: Get Down
    Camille Yarbrough: Take Yo Praise
    *Cedar Walton: Road Island Red
    Detroit Emeralds: You’re Getting Too Smart
    Pretty Purdie: Artificialness
    Cleveland Eaton: Keep It Funky
    Cannonball Adderley: The Price You Gotta Pay To Be Free
    Lonnie Smith: Drives
    Son Seals: How Could She Leave Me?
    Dizzy Gillespie: The Matrix

    Don Campbell: Campbell Lock
    The Eddy Jacobs Exchange: Pull My Coat
    Chocolate Star: Got To Get Your Love
    Spirit of Atlanta: Hunter Street
    Calbido’s Three: African Penta Song
    Sunshine Anderson: Heard It All Before (QSO remix)
    Frankie Nieves: Mi Guajira
    J-Love and Ric Nice: King of New York
    Lyrics Born: Callin Out
    Diverse: Build
    Mark Ronson w/ Mos Def and MOP: On the Run
    Beanie Siegel: When You Hear That
    Uptown: Dope On Plastic
    Diverse: Explosive
    DJ Zeph: Underworld
    Family Tree: Push, Move, Build
    Scoopy: Scoopy Rap
    Black Moon: Stay Real
    Lil Kim: Came Back For You
    J-Biz: The Treasure Pt. 2
    Push Button Objects: 360 (Prefuse remix)
    De La Soul: Much More
    DJ Shadow: Right Thing (Z-Trip remix)
    Flavornaughts: If You Know Me

As a bonus, I discovered a second aircheck on the same minidisc (though I didn’t bother to write it on the disc): a show from two weeks later, right after Ahnauld had been elected governor of California following the recall of Gray Davis. It seems not-quite-weird now, looking back, but believe me: that sh– was weird at the time. A real black eye for California. Anyways, I had two guests on that day: DJ Frane and the Feenom Circle.

October 7, 2003 (download)

Special guests DJ Frane & Feenom Circle

    Human Race: Grey Boy
    Southside Movement: Save the World
    The Vigs: The Theme From S.W.A.T.
    The Street People: Booty Butt
    DJ Frane interview
    DJ Frane: In the Bag
    DJ Frane: I Am Dreaming
    South Street Soul Guitars: Poppin Popcorn
    Oliver Sain: St. Louis Breakdown
    Tito Rodriguez: Descarga Cachao
    Samba Soul: Mambo No. 5
    Rakaa: Ends to Means
    Feenom Circle interview
    Feenom Circle: Frisco Disco
    Feenom Circle: A-Train
    Rodger Collins: Foxy Girls in Oakland
    Pat Lundy: Work Song
    Outkast: Hey Ya
    Bernard Wright: Haboglobatribbin
    Kinky Bustop: Deep Fuzz
    Mark Ronson, Mos Def, MOP: On the Run
    Method Man: Uh-Huh remix
    Kool G Rap: Bout That Remix
    Kayne West w/ Consequence: Electric Relaxation 03
    E40 w/ Clipse: Quarterbackin
    Lil Kim: I Came Back For You


So…it only took me a dozen or so years to get around to digitizing more of my KALX shows but at the risk of being self-absorbed, it’s interesting to me to revisit a period of my musical life to see what kind of records were a big deal to me back then and what I’d still cosign on today.

I just posted an old show, also from 2000, the other week. This latest comes from the literal end of 2000, a December 27th show. Alas, I don’t have the playlist for this one (I guess I got lazy at year’s end and never bothered to type one up). Nonetheless, I think folks will dig on the mix of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. At the very least, it reminded me how good this song was:


The Ozone, Dec. 27, 2000


Thanks again to Michael Barnes of the Melting Pot for letting me sub his show this past Sunday. It’s been at least six years that I had to host a show on my own and let’s just say it’s not like learning to ride a bicycle again. More like trying to remember how to cook a recipe!

The total show was 2 hours but a recording snafu killed the last 40 minutes so here’s the first 80 minutes of the show, including mic breaks.

Here’s the total playlist:

DJ Day: Drum Track #2
Perez Prado: Going Out of My Head
Bobby Reed: The Time is Right (Prince of Ballard Remix)
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Better Things to Do
John Legend and the Roots: Hang On In There
Mike James Kirkland: Hang On In There
J-Dilla: Rico Suave Bossa Nova (Rough Extended Mix)
Quantic: Dre En Cumbia
Trio Servando Diaz: El Viejito Canandonga
Shooting Stars of Dominica: Bang Bang
Carlton and His Shoes: Never Give Your Heart Away
Betty Padget: My Eyes Adored You
Ralph Thamar feat. Mario Canonge: Siboney
Chimp Beans: Lovely Chimps
Soul II Soul: Back to Life (full acapella)
The Darlettes: Lost
Sugar Pie DeSanto: I Don’t Wanna Fuss
Allen Toussaint: Soul Sister
Ino Hidefumi: Spartacus
Blvd. Mosse: U Can’t Escape the Hypeness
One World: Victor
Zambrano: La Cocona (Edit)
Ranil and His Tropical Band: Cumbia Sin Nombre
Phirpo y sus Caribes: Mi Moooto
Rita Lee: Minha Vida
(what follows below is not included in the link above)
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition: Oye
The Creations: I’ve Got to Find Her
Jerry Jones and Sound Dimension: Still Water
Joe: Untitled (aka This Time)
Carl Thomas: I Wish
Great Pride: She’s a Lady
Le Hot Jazz: Planet Rock
Lee Moses: Got That Will
The Magic Tones: Good Old Music
King Tee: Cali Expert
Univ of Miami Concert Jazz Band: Shining Star
Organo Bailable: El Preso

THE OZONE – 9/29/02

I often times forget that when I’m too busy to do a full post, I still have roughly 10 years worth of radio shows to draw from so long as I remember to digitize them once in a while. Here’s a show from about five years ago (christ, I can’t believe 2002 = five years ago. Damn, I feel old). I like how I talk about a “new segment” on the show but I’m pretty sure I stopped doing the “Under the Covers” segment after only a handful of times…not for any particular reason besides laziness. Still, some good “Cissy Strut” action there for Meters’ fans.

So far, I’ve digitized the first two hours:

The Ozone, hosted by DJ O-Dub. 90.7 FM, KALX

9/29/02 – Hour 1

      Primeridian: Jigsaw
      The Meters: Cissy Strut
      Hoctor Records: Cissy Strut
      Trinidad Steel Band: Sissy Strut
      Earl Van Dyke: Cissy Strut
      Rod Piazza: Cissy Strut
      Ni Double Ki: Movin On
      Rupert Cobbett: Seven Heaven
      Nancy Ames: Pow, Pow, Pow (Mas Que Nada)
      Jadell: Spanish Fly
      The Cabilidos: Barrio Bueno
      Lee Dorsey: Yes We Can
      Sly and the Family Stone: A Trip To Your Heart
      The Vibrettes: Humpty Dump Pt. 1
      Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Cut the Line
      Lilith: Pick Up the Pieces

Hour 2

      James Brown: The Payback Mix
      Instant Funk: I Got My Mind Made Up
      Michael Jackson: Billie Jean (instr)
      Fat Larry’s Band: Lookin’ For Love
      Latasha: I’m Every Woman (from “Hustle!”)
      Andy Loore: Mixed Drums
      West Coast Revival: Feelin’ Alright (from “California Soul”
      Electric Church: We Had a Love (from “Welcome to the Newsroom”)
      Horace Silver: Acid, Pot Or Pills
      Mickey and the Soul Generation: Football
      The Aquarians: Bayu-Bayu
    Bobby Paunetto: Fenway Funk

The Ozone – July 5, 2000

Another retrieval from my radio past at KALX FM in Berkeley, CA. This clip comes from a show that’s just a little over seven years back. Yowzers. Apart from the usual mix of styles, I included a short set of “Spinning Wheel” covers.

Here’s the playlist:

    Mike Longo: Angel of Love
    Johnny Jenkins: I Walk on Guilded Splinters
    Too Def: I Am Who I Am
    Bizzie Boys: Droppin It
    De La Soul: Ooooh!
    Allen Toussaint: Louie
    Lee Dorsey: Four Corners
    Eddie Bo: Friend and a Lover
    Cannonball Adderley: Capricorn
    Junior Mance: Spinning Wheel
    Peggy Lee: same
    Wade Marcus: same
    Bruce Kelly’s New Oregon Singers: same
    Howard Roberts: same
    Joey Chavez: Worldwide II
    Big Dro: Spank
    J. Sands: Won’t Stop

JUST ADDED: I’ve been dealing with computer problems the last few days so that’s slowed my output. Just to hold folks over, here’s part 2 of that July 5, 2000 radio show:

    John Dankworth: Return From the Ashes
    Michal Urbaniak: Ekim
    Fela Kuti: Fight to Finish
    Public Enemy: Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos
    The Aquarians: Jungle Fever
    BW Souls: Marvin’s Groove
    Frank Lucas: Good Time Man
    Betty Everett: I’m a Woman
    The Brothers Two: You Got It
    Calypso King and the Soul: Damper Down Popcorn
    Black Madness: Wild Brooklyn Bandits
    Main Source: The Atom
    Jurassic 5: Quality Control
    Elaine Brown: Child in the World
    Jimmy McGriff: Tiki
    Mangum: It’s the Music That Makes Us Do It
    Annette Peacock: Survival
    Cold Blood: When I’m Kissing My Love
    George Shearing: Slippin Into Darkness

Speaking of mixes: DJ Pump’s Jeepney Mix Vol. 6 is . Cop this!

The Ozone, 10/14/03 Pt. 2 and 3

First of all, a quick SSV2 update: I finally got in everything: LPs and CDs. LPs all went out over the weekend. CDs are packaged and ready to ship but I’m nursing a stomach flu bug that’s kickin’ my a– right now so I wasn’t able to take stuff down to the post office today. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I won’t be laid out as badly.All CDs went out on 6/13.

Second, congrats to J. Thorton who won the copy of the Mingering Mike book for correctly guessing the eight record label logos in the new banner. They are, in order: Black Jazz, Tommy Boy, Stax, Tico, Prestige, Wackies, Motown and Def Jam. Most people got everything except for Tico and Wackies was especially tough for many.

Lastly, here’s parts 2 and 3 from my old radio show.

    RH Factor: Poetry
    Leroy Hutson: As Long As There’s Love Around
    Philip Upchurch: Midnight Chile
    Tito Rodriguez: Descarga Malanga
    Ju-Par Universal Orchestra: Funky Music
    Jimi Entley Sound: Charlie’s Theme
    Spirit of Atlanta: Buttermilk Bottom
    Carl Davis and the Chi-Sound Orchestra: Windy City Theme
    Frankie Nieves: Ten Cuidado
    Aztec Zodiac: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Party
    Calbido’s Three: El Sonida Azul

    Round Midnight Mix
    High and Mighty: Take It Off
    Krown Rulers: Kick the Ball
    The Roots: Silent Treatment remix
    A Team: GB In Your Life
    Apani B Fly MC: Abracadbra
    Styles of Beyond: Mr. Brown remix
    Kool G Rap: Bout That remix
    Oh No: Chump
    Diverse: Explosive

(Just to note: the mix was done without the benefit of a mixer or crossfader. I had to mix it through the studio board).

Hopefully, I’ll feel less like dying tomorrow. Cheers!

Blast from the past

The Ozone Show, Tuesday, October 14, 2003
90.7 FM, KALX, Berkeley

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve been meaning to digitize a few of my old radio shows. For those of you who didn’t know, I did college radio for over 10 years, all at KALX in Berkeley. This was one of my last shows, in late 2003, before I left radio and – coincidentally – started audioblogging. Seems like a good time to bring it full circle, plus give ya’ll some tunes to listen to while I’m busy with some writing work that’s keeping me from blogging more. The total show was actually 2.5 hours but I edited out the first hour. I also cut out most of my “radio DJ” dialogue out (save for the first bit) since, really, you don’t need to hear me talking about ride share programs and other PSAs. Here’s the playlist of what’s included:

    Memphix: Keys to Go
    Eugene Blacknell: The Trip
    The Temprees: Explain It To Her Mama
    Fania All Stars: Viva Tirado
    The Politicians: The World We Live In
    Memphix: Comfortable With Failure
    Crystal Mansion: And It Takes My Breath Away
    Abel: Music Maker
    Oliver Sain: Comin Down Soul
    Johnny Pate: Constant Wind
    Chester Thompson: Powerhouse
    Bjarne Rostvold and Perry Knudsen: Magonde
    Joe Cain: Wild Horses
    Dorival Caymmi: Promessa De Pescador
    Caetano Veloso: Trio Electrico
    Roy Ayers: Green and Gold
    Rare Function: Disco Function
    Gary Davis: Got To Get Your Love