The Ozone, 10/14/03 Pt. 2 and 3

First of all, a quick SSV2 update: I finally got in everything: LPs and CDs. LPs all went out over the weekend. CDs are packaged and ready to ship but I’m nursing a stomach flu bug that’s kickin’ my a– right now so I wasn’t able to take stuff down to the post office today. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I won’t be laid out as badly.All CDs went out on 6/13.

Second, congrats to J. Thorton who won the copy of the Mingering Mike book for correctly guessing the eight record label logos in the new banner. They are, in order: Black Jazz, Tommy Boy, Stax, Tico, Prestige, Wackies, Motown and Def Jam. Most people got everything except for Tico and Wackies was especially tough for many.

Lastly, here’s parts 2 and 3 from my old radio show.

    RH Factor: Poetry
    Leroy Hutson: As Long As There’s Love Around
    Philip Upchurch: Midnight Chile
    Tito Rodriguez: Descarga Malanga
    Ju-Par Universal Orchestra: Funky Music
    Jimi Entley Sound: Charlie’s Theme
    Spirit of Atlanta: Buttermilk Bottom
    Carl Davis and the Chi-Sound Orchestra: Windy City Theme
    Frankie Nieves: Ten Cuidado
    Aztec Zodiac: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Party
    Calbido’s Three: El Sonida Azul

    Round Midnight Mix
    High and Mighty: Take It Off
    Krown Rulers: Kick the Ball
    The Roots: Silent Treatment remix
    A Team: GB In Your Life
    Apani B Fly MC: Abracadbra
    Styles of Beyond: Mr. Brown remix
    Kool G Rap: Bout That remix
    Oh No: Chump
    Diverse: Explosive

(Just to note: the mix was done without the benefit of a mixer or crossfader. I had to mix it through the studio board).

Hopefully, I’ll feel less like dying tomorrow. Cheers!