So…it only took me a dozen or so years to get around to digitizing more of my KALX shows but at the risk of being self-absorbed, it’s interesting to me to revisit a period of my musical life to see what kind of records were a big deal to me back then and what I’d still cosign on today.

I just posted an old show, also from 2000, the other week. This latest comes from the literal end of 2000, a December 27th show. Alas, I don’t have the playlist for this one (I guess I got lazy at year’s end and never bothered to type one up). Nonetheless, I think folks will dig on the mix of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. At the very least, it reminded me how good this song was:


The Ozone, Dec. 27, 2000



2 thoughts on “ANOTHER PAST BLAST: OZONE SHOW (12/27/2000)”

  1. I guess you missed the part in the post where I apologized for not having one? If you give me the time code for any song, I can tell you. But I also back announce everything during the show.

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