Had some time to kill this afternoon while waiting on some ribs to cook up on the grill. Decided to jump on the tables and put together an impromptu radio show on 75 minutes, mixing up some new arrivals, some classics, and some stuff I literally just grabbed randomly off the wall.

The Ozone Show: Saturday Night Special (1-26-13)

    Bolivar Blues Band: Speaker Equilibrium (Bolivar Speaker Works, 1977)
    Asha Puthli and the Surfers: Sunny (Columbia India, 1960s)
    The Mandells: There Will Be Tears (Trans World Sound, 1960s)
    Eruption: I Can’t Stand the Rain (Ariola, 1978)
    Blvd. Mosse: Can’t Stop the Hypeness (Scorpio, 1990)
    Delfonics: Ready or Not Here I Come (Philly Groove, 1968)
    Ray Alexander Technique: My Special One (Harlem Sound, 1974)
    The Honey Drippers: Streakin’ (Alaga, 1974)
    Odell Brown and the Organizers: Think About It (Cadet, 1968)
    Oliver Sain: On the Hill (Abet, 1971)
    Linda Jones: Hypnotized (Loma, 1967)
    Pete Rock and CL Smooth: We Specialize (EastWest, 1996)
    Freshco and Miz: Ain’t U Frescho? (Tommy Boy, 1990)
    James Brown: Bring It Up (King, 1967)
    Tomorrow’s Children: Sister Big Stuff (London, 1970s)
    MF Grimm: Do It For the Kids (Fondle Em, 1998)
    Bobby Hutcherson: Montara (Blue Note, 1975)
    Ronny Lapine: Side by Side (Hop and Scotch, 1980s)
    Richie Havens: Going Back to My Roots (Elektra, 1980)
    Shock: Footsteps Across Your Mind (Sirocco, 1976)
    Manzel: Space Funk (Fraternity, 1977)
    Fantastic Epic’s: Fun and Funk Pt. II (Tories, 1969)
    John Lewis: I Can’t Get It Started (Pacific Jazz, 1950s)