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In going through my old radio aircheck tapes, I found one labelled with my dude Adam Mansbach’s name, from 2003. How old is this? It’s so old that he tells us to “look out for my upcoming book, The Angriest White Boy in the World” (or something like that; I’m paraphrasing). That book, of course, turned out to be entitled Angry Black White Boy but my point is: this was from a ways back.

Adam is now touting his latest book (two novels and one runaway hit “children’s” book later), Rage Is Back. Read his hilarious accounts of what being on book tour is like (spoiler: not anything like you see in movies).

In any case, Adam rolled through with a selection of tunes on that show, along with whatever I was into back in ’03.

September 16, 2003 (download)

Special guest DJ: Adam Mansbach, author of Shackling Water

    Flavornaughts: Asa Quebrada
    Human Race: Human Race
    Oliver Sain: On the Hill
    Alvin Robinson: Down Home Girl
    Phil Upchurch: Spinning Wheel
    Joe Cain: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mambo Pt. 1
    Flavornaughts: Mexican Rave

    *Adam’s Picks*
    Olympic Runners: Out to Lunch
    Stanley Cowell: Miss Viki
    Gene Russell: Get Down
    Camille Yarbrough: Take Yo Praise
    *Cedar Walton: Road Island Red
    Detroit Emeralds: You’re Getting Too Smart
    Pretty Purdie: Artificialness
    Cleveland Eaton: Keep It Funky
    Cannonball Adderley: The Price You Gotta Pay To Be Free
    Lonnie Smith: Drives
    Son Seals: How Could She Leave Me?
    Dizzy Gillespie: The Matrix

    Don Campbell: Campbell Lock
    The Eddy Jacobs Exchange: Pull My Coat
    Chocolate Star: Got To Get Your Love
    Spirit of Atlanta: Hunter Street
    Calbido’s Three: African Penta Song
    Sunshine Anderson: Heard It All Before (QSO remix)
    Frankie Nieves: Mi Guajira
    J-Love and Ric Nice: King of New York
    Lyrics Born: Callin Out
    Diverse: Build
    Mark Ronson w/ Mos Def and MOP: On the Run
    Beanie Siegel: When You Hear That
    Uptown: Dope On Plastic
    Diverse: Explosive
    DJ Zeph: Underworld
    Family Tree: Push, Move, Build
    Scoopy: Scoopy Rap
    Black Moon: Stay Real
    Lil Kim: Came Back For You
    J-Biz: The Treasure Pt. 2
    Push Button Objects: 360 (Prefuse remix)
    De La Soul: Much More
    DJ Shadow: Right Thing (Z-Trip remix)
    Flavornaughts: If You Know Me

As a bonus, I discovered a second aircheck on the same minidisc (though I didn’t bother to write it on the disc): a show from two weeks later, right after Ahnauld had been elected governor of California following the recall of Gray Davis. It seems not-quite-weird now, looking back, but believe me: that sh– was weird at the time. A real black eye for California. Anyways, I had two guests on that day: DJ Frane and the Feenom Circle.

October 7, 2003 (download)

Special guests DJ Frane & Feenom Circle

    Human Race: Grey Boy
    Southside Movement: Save the World
    The Vigs: The Theme From S.W.A.T.
    The Street People: Booty Butt
    DJ Frane interview
    DJ Frane: In the Bag
    DJ Frane: I Am Dreaming
    South Street Soul Guitars: Poppin Popcorn
    Oliver Sain: St. Louis Breakdown
    Tito Rodriguez: Descarga Cachao
    Samba Soul: Mambo No. 5
    Rakaa: Ends to Means
    Feenom Circle interview
    Feenom Circle: Frisco Disco
    Feenom Circle: A-Train
    Rodger Collins: Foxy Girls in Oakland
    Pat Lundy: Work Song
    Outkast: Hey Ya
    Bernard Wright: Haboglobatribbin
    Kinky Bustop: Deep Fuzz
    Mark Ronson, Mos Def, MOP: On the Run
    Method Man: Uh-Huh remix
    Kool G Rap: Bout That Remix
    Kayne West w/ Consequence: Electric Relaxation 03
    E40 w/ Clipse: Quarterbackin
    Lil Kim: I Came Back For You