Lowrell: Mellow Mellow, Right On (LP version)
From S/T (AVI, 1979)

For whatever reason, I have had this LP in my “new arrivals” crate for a long time and whenever I wanted to throw something on to lend some sound to outdoors/backyard time, it’d be the first LP I reached for. Makes sense, no? That big, chewy baseline has “late ’70s/early ’80s” fonk stamped on it and it’s a perfect summer-y jam. As with many things, what seals the deal on here is the tambourine that comes in at the 5th bar. More tambourine, always.

The LP version is seamlessly combined with the song’s instrumental version so what’s above is the two tracks, together. I think the 12″ has the two songs back-to-back like that too but I don’t know if they’re also combined or distinct tracks.1

  1. By the way, I decided to retire this LP from the collection since I also have the same song on 7″ and the flip, “Overdose” is the only other song off the LP I wanted to keep. If you’re interested in a NM copy, peep.