Patrick Huang, aka DJ Phatrick, helped create and hosts the monthly Devil’s Pie party (Bay Area, L.A. and New York). He used to be the DJ for Native Guns and still regularly tours with Bambu. His day gig involves teaching music to middle and high school students in Los Angeles.

Phatty (seriously, they call him that) rolled down to the home studio to talk about the music tastes of teenagers, being the token Chinese DJ for Filipino rappers and…his summer song choices. Yup, we’re bringing the summer songs series to the podcasts (which is good because there won’t be a formal set of posts this year; too busy to coordinate!).

Sidebar #5: DJ Phatrick of Devil’s Pie

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Music used in podcast:

  • The Five Stairsteps: Danger, She’s a Stranger (from 7″, Windy C 1967). Also on First Family of Soul)
  • Native Guns: 1995 (DJ Phatrick Remix) (from Stray Bullets Vol. 2, 2008)
  • Bambu: 2 Dope Boyz Drop (from 2009)
  • Estelle: Come Over (from Shine, Atlantic 2008)
  • 213: Another Summer (from The Hard Way, TVT 2004)
  • Bambu and Prometheus Brown: Rashida Jones (from Walk Into a Bar, forthcoming 2011)

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P.S. I’m overdue for a listener request podcast. What you all want to listen to? Drop suggestions in the comments.




  1. Cool interview. What is the second song played? It’s a song with a bunch of classic 90s beats blended together starting with the lyrics “It was all a dream, I used to read Urb magazine…”

  2. Thanks Odub!

    @djsunshine that’s a snippet of my remix for the Native Guns song “1995” which is on our Stray Bullets Vol. 2 mixtape

  3. Dave: Most definitely. I’m backlogged on guest-based podcasts right now (recording FOUR over the next 4-5 days). But Mao would be a definite “want.”

    Sunshine/Phatrick: My bad, I meant to put up song titles. I’ll fix that later today.

  4. The dude in the photo, he threw a free weight at my head and split me open. It required 30 stitches. We still got that ring.

  5. Hey Oliver,

    You mentioned that you are working on a book in the podcast. Any word on the title/subject matter? Was curious if it covers the Pilipino mobile DJ scene you’ve talked about here before.

  6. Remy: Yes, it is. It won’t be done for a while though (2012 at the soonest). However, the latter half of the summer will be focused on creating a comprehensive digital research site around it. Here’s the proto-site (but it’ll be substantially revamped by late August).

  7. Hey Phatrick, what’s the song you sample in 1995 remix from :31 – :35 that sounds like an old-school 80s synth thingy? I’ve been trying to figure that out forever!! Great work btw!

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