Machuca Cumbia: Cumbia Alivianada
Cumbia De Los Bee Gees
From 7″ (Aries, 1979)

I first heard “Cumbia Alivianada” (aka “Staying Alive”) when B+ came to spin with me and it’s taken me two years to finally cop it on 7″ (I do love singles but I wouldn’t have minded getting the LP just for that great cover art but the 7″ does have the two Bee Gees joints on it). Not the best cumbia conversion I can imagine; it’s surprisingly flat rhythmically but still a fun, fun cut and one that dancefloor always respond to once they figure out what’s up.

I’m feeling this cover of “More Than a Woman” too, partially because it’s just so difference from the original given the use of…what the hell is that? Some kind of ’70s analog synth?

This isn’t a cover (that I know of) but it came along with the Machuca 7″:

Grupo Nectar: Sueño Andino
From 7″ (Cobra, 197?)

Really lovin’ the smooth flow of this chicha song, especially how it opens; “Andean Dream” indeed!



7 thoughts on “DEEP COVERS: 4 OF 4, MACHUCA CUMBIA”

  1. The grupo nectar song is amazing. Kinda makes me think of a mix of Ennio Morricone and melancholic psychedelic rock (I hope I can say that). I’d love to see a producer flip the intro and a few other parts into a hiphop beat. Thanks OW!

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