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Revelacion 2,000: Tu Y No Nena
Viviras Como Yo Vivo (Danny’s Song)
From S/T (Gas, 197?)

I was turned onto Mexico’s Revelacion 2,000 via Super Sonido, who posted up the 7″ version of “Tu Y No Nena” (You and Me Baby) last month. It’s a rather incredible cover, especially since that distinctive echo effect on the guitar isn’t on the Spinners’ original. It was nagging me why it sounded so damn familiar and with Jay Smooth’s help, I finally remembered why: it sounds a lot like the Vinyl Reanimators remix of Kool G Rap’s “Fast Life.” To my ears, they’re similar but doesn’t sound like the same loop but maybe some can hear it better than I can. Regardless, very cool cover.

Same LP yields a few other covers, most of them decent but I’m not sure if their cover of Loggins and Messina’s “Danny’s Song” quite qualifies as “decent” but I was tickled they had it so I threw it in anyway. Some nice ’70s era Latin rock on here too in case folks were curious.