Eric Luecking reminded me that I never put this mix up on Mixcloud. For obvious reasons, Aretha is on my mind this week and I corrected my previous oversight.

UPDATE: Looks like Mixcloud blocked the mix in the U.S. (booo) so here’s a DL version for you all.



3 thoughts on “THE ARETHA REDUX MIX (2011)”

  1. Is there anyway this can be uploaded in a format where it can be streamed in the US? Thanks!

  2. Seconding the first comment O-Dub. I disappointed the other day when I found this couldn’t be streamed, then with today’s supremely sad news I found myself really itching to be able to listen to your mix.

  3. Oh, I remember this mix! It’s been a while since I lost it to a dead hard drive, but it was fantastic. Hope Mixcloud allows you to repost it. Thinking of you and yours. Take care, e.

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