Las 4 Monedas: Buena Suerte
From Vol. 2 (Palacio, 1969)

Las 4 Monedas: Trauma
From 7″ (Palacia, 1973)

I first became acquainted with this Venezuelan group (“the four coins” as translated into English) through Murphy’s Law who had a copy of that “Trauma” 7″. At the time, I thought the group was Spanish (since they had a few releases that came out on Spanish labels) and that particular era of the group, Las 4 Monedas y Gregory, clearly seemed like a post-J5 attempt to bring in a younger pre-pubescent singing to give the group a similar “family-style” flavor that you saw with the Jackson 5 and Five Stairsteps feat. Cubie. But as it turns out, Las 4 Monedas existed half a decade back, before anyone had ever heard of the Jacksons. Back then, the group was known for being this intriguing bridge between Latin and ska styles, obviously heard here on “Buena Suerte” which isn’t a cover of “Shanty Town” but very clearly uses its riddim (btw, I love sh– like this). The group also has a pretty great cover of “Son of a Preacher Man” on the same album.

I don’t have their first LP but am very curious to hear it now.