Heatwave: Star of the Story
From Central Heating (Epic, 1978)

(Editor’s Intro: I once asked DJ Day why he stayed in Palm Springs, having grown up there all his life. His reply: “Most people spend their lives waiting to be able to move out here. I’m already here – why would I moved away?” That logic seemed good enough for me and for certain, DJ Day knows how to live the good life out in what must feel like the endless summer vibe of Palm Springs. I’ve enjoyed his music for years and it only seemed right to have Day talk about one of his favorite summer songs. –O.W.)

    Unlike most folks, where summer is a reward for surviving winter or “just another sunny day in LA”, it’s pretty much the closet thing to hell on earth here in Palm Springs. It can be anywhere from 113 to 120F depending on the day, so for me, it’s all about sunsets and late nights when it comes to the summertime.

    When Oliver first asked me to write a post for Summer Songs I was excited. I can get open, give a top 10, maybe even make a mix…until I realized I had to chose ONE song. Like many of you, my tastes run wide and deep so narrowing it down wasn’t easy. After much back and forth, I decided to go with a classic…

    “The Star Of A Story” by Heatwave (I know, the irony is not lost on me) isn’t “raer” or unknown by any stretch, but the vibe of the song epitomizes the otherworldly feeling of 80 degree nights and distant memories of summer loves passed. Not to get corny, but there’s something else going on with this that can’t be put into words. Maybe it’s the tension in the strings or Rod Temperton’s vocal arrangements, but it’s the auditory equivalent of a summer night here. From drinking 40’s listening to Tribe’s “Verses From The Abstract” to “E Business” from People Under the Stairs, this song has been a part of summer since my youth.

    One of these nights, when everyone has stumbled home from the bbq and you’re under a full moon with a breeze through the trees, put this on and you’ll get an idea of what summer is like in the Coachella Valley. –DJ Day