Cavaliers Unlimited: Soul Vein
The Nasty
From 7″ (Century, 1969)

I last wrote about this 7″ in 2006. It is, by far, the rarest record I own. From what I know, it’s one of only a handful of copies known in circulation.

And I’m selling it.

Not because I’m desperate for cash, especially after this, but I realized I’ve been holding onto this for 10 years now mostly because it’s hella rare. And I’m not knocking that mentality; it has its time and place and believe me, there are certainly other records that I’ve held onto for all kinds of illogical reasons. But I’ve reached a point where rarity-for-the-sake-of-rarity just doesn’t really make any sense to me. Life’s too short to hoard stuff whose primary value (to me at least) is that no one else has it.

So my purge will be someone’s gain. But in the meanwhile, I wanted to share the entire single with ya’ll, high-Q for a change. It’s all I will have left too. (Well, that and the reissue!)