1. You are not the only one. I have literally had this on repeat for two straight days..the entire album. I have played “Gone baby, don’t be long” to death! I know my neighbors are sick of my ass!

  2. Yep same here. First listen, I was like … hmmmm some GREAT soul tracks, but still some stoner unfinished stuff … but it’s all grown on me. 

  3. 1) “There’ll be slow singing and flower bringing, if my burglar alarm starts ringing” = from Biggie’s “Warning”.
    2) When I think of burglar alarm’s ringing in a *romantic* context, I always think of the video to that Boyz II Men song. 

  4. Yeah, nice album Oliver! Not as surprizing as the New Amerykah Part I but the more you play it the more you know… that it’s definitly good stuff. And a lot of hip hop in it. I like the first and the last song, too.
    I posted one on my blog.

    Laurent – Clap Yo Handz


  5. A careless use of the “Intimate Friends” sample.  Speeding it up just wrings all the juice out of Eddie’s song.  Also, it’s kind of a passe sample choice for a self-proclaimed “visionary” artist.  Alicia Keys had a huge (cheesy) hit with it a few years ago.  Kanye flipped it first for 213’s “Another Summer” back in 2004, which was way better than Badu’s version.  No one noticed.  Maybe if Warren G had streaked to promote the record…

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