P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble: I’m Wondering Why
From Winter Winds (Now Again, 2009)

The 3 winners of the P.E. Hewitt “Winter Winds” contest are Guillermo Gonzalez of sunny California, Kurt Iveson from the land down under, and Tee Cardaci of Brazil. Congrats to all!

Thank you to all who participated and continue to read the site as well as to Stones Throw/Now Again for sponsoring the contest. Answers are below.

Q1: What label, based out of the UK, is Now Again partnering with for the expanded release of the Spritiual Jazz anthology?

A1: Jazzman Records

Q2: Now Again released another lost, fuzzed-out jazz album based on children’s tunes as one of its pilot releases. Name the group.

A2: Stark Reality

Q3: The ever-feared story problem: Egon is digging for records at the local record store. He finds 20 that he likes. On his way to the counter, Egon is so excited about the records he finds that he trips over speaker wire running across the floor causing the stash of records to fly through the air. All but 12 are broken or scratched beyond repair, including a formerly pristine copy of Third Guitar’s “Baby Don’t Cry.” How many records does Egon have left that he wants to buy?

A3: The answer is 12. If all but 12 are broken, that means that 8 are broken (of which the Third Guitar is one of them) and the other 12 are still in good condition. So Egon only wants to buy the 12 that are in good condition. I know, tricky tricky.