I hate to pick on something done for charity but can we just talk about how stunningly terrible this is? Four things off the top of my head (just so I don’t explode in criticism):

1) It’s been a quarter century since the OG “We are the World.” Are you telling me no one could find a way to write a new ensemble song? Are you f—-ing kidding me?

2) Bringing back video of the original artists – MJ for example – was tacky. And again, says something very poor about the current state of popular music.

3) Speaking of that current state…the train wreck of styles here was just painful. The original arrangement just was not designed to incorporate much of a hip-hop segment and then way they crammed it in here did a disservice to everyone.

4) Autotuned Lil Wayne? Really?

I could go on. But good god, next time someone asks for how the road to hell is paved with good intentions, please send them the link to this.