last week – our grand launch – was a rousing success. We had a great, packed house and really enjoy meeting folks.

This week, it’s O-Dub and Murphy’s Law, back together again.

Next week, it’ll be me, joined by my man Beto, aka Roberto Gyemant, the brilliant Latin music expert behind the Panama and Colombia comps. You know the Latin heat will be mui en fuego that night.

Also, I’m doing a special one-off gig this Saturday at Footsie’s, in Cypress Park.

2640 N. Figueroa St., in Los Angeles.

This will be different from the Boogaloo[L.A.] vibe – I’m going to be playing less music to move to and move music to move you, if that makes any sense…basically, a lot of soul, maybe some jazz, a lil Latin, but it’s about the listening experience (hopefully!). I may or may not have a guest that night – could just be me, holding it down the entire time.

If this works out, it might turn into a monthly “Soul Sides Saturday” event so please do come out and hang for a bit if you can.

Checkmates Ltd.: Got To See “U” Soon + I Must Be Dreaming
From F/S/O (Rustic, 1974)

Lead by Sonny Charles, the Checkmates were a Chicago-baesd soul group who recorded with a few labels, including Capitol and A&M before landing in the ’70s on Rustic (at least for this release). It’s a bit of a sleeper LP in my opinion – not expensive or that rare but folks pass on it simply because they’re not knowing. I posted the two best songs above. “Got To See “U” Soon” has been a favorite of Murphy’s Law and I’m glad he’s been spinning it because I forgot how much I liked that song myself: has a slightly Latin sabor and the doo-wop touches are nice as well. It’s not going to tear the roof off but it’s a fun, catchy song, especially for the beginning of the evening.

“I Must Be Dreaming” is a beaut of a sweet soul track – downright dreeeaaaammy. Far as I can tell, this album’s never been reissued on CD – pity.