Aaron and I have corresponded through the years – we’re mutual fans of one another’s musical interests – and he was in Los Angeles in late August to screen the (hopefully) forthcoming documentary on Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace, her best-selling 1972 gospel album. It’s a topic very close to Aaron’s heart, especially as the author of the new 33.3 book, Amazing Grace, which examines the album through exhaustive historical research and interviews.

Aaron and I chatted in my kitchen about the album, his book and the documentary (plus a bonus podcast of a few of his favorite gospel songs).

The Sidebar #19: Aaron Cohen

Music used in this episode (all songs from Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace unless *otherwise indicated):

  • Amazing Grace
  • *Aretha Franklin: Precious Lord (Take My Hand)
  • Mary, Don’t You Weep
  • Give Yourself to Jesus
  • How I Got Over
  • Climbing Higher Mountains
  • Old Landmark
  • Remarks by C.L. Franklin
  • *The Gay Sisters: God Will Take Care of You
  • God Will Take Care of You
  • What a Friend We Have In Jesus
  • Precious Memories
  • Wholy Holy

Bonus beats: Aaron Cohen on a few gospel favorites
Music in the bonus round:

Don’t forget to check out Aaron’s book!