As has become far too common, I need to apologize for the delay between posts. You’ll be happy to know (at least, I hope you will) that part of why I haven’t been posting as frequently is that I’ve been working on liner notes projects instead. I’ve already put to bed notes on the Joe Cuba Sextet’s We Must Be Doing Something Right, am about to start notes on Kako’s Live It Up and perhaps of most interest to folks here, track-by-track liners for Rhino’s upcoming What It Is Vol. 2, the sequel to their massively well-regarded What It Is boxset.

As penance for my absence, I pulled this out of the archives – the full ¡Boogaloo! set from March 19, 2009. I think I might have made this available to a few folks last spring since it’s probably one of my favorite overall sets of the last year (our incredible MJ tribute night notwithstanding). At nearly 4 hours (and 200MB, so just be forewarned), hopefully this’ll tide ya’ll over until I can compose my next regular post.