(As part of our 5th year anniversary, we’re revisiting 20 key songs. This post was originally published on February 22, 2007).

Aretha Franklin: I Can’t Wait (Until I See My Baby’s Face)
From Runnin Out of Fools (Columbia, 1964)

I was originally introduced to this tune by my friend Hua, who put me up on the Sonji Clay version of it. I didn’t realize until this year however that the songwriter was actually Jerry Ragavoy (and yeah, I know I just reposted this very same song not that long ago but damnit, it’s so nice, I’m gonna post it thrice!).

Not only is the musical arrangement here a thing of beauty but just listen to the songwriting and how Ragavoy flipped the title phrase to go from defiance, to uncertainty, to desperation. Brilliant.

Best of all? There’s a music video for the song. Yeah, for real.