• J-Zone talks about his favorite drum breaks.
  • DJ Cable puts together a great video mix of ATCQ songs/videos.
  • Jefferson Mao interviews former Def Jam publicist Bill Adler (dude is a straight legend).

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the making of Hard to Earn.

  • This James Brown biopic could suck but I’ll still go see it.

  • Some scandalous MFer stole from drummer James Gadson.
  • Crosstown postage, now with more Hendrix.
  • Before they were a mob music clique/click, they were in a marching band. (h/t egotripland)



  • 4 thoughts on “WEEKLY ROUNDUP 3-18-14”

    1. Ha ha,
      that was my reaction. He doesn’t look or sound like James Brown, but yeah, I’ll probably watch it

    2. It’s startling how bad those remixes are in that James Brown trailer. Why not use his original music?

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