Skye: Ain’t No Need
Family Tree: Family Tree
From 12″ (Ananda, 1976). “Ain’t No Need” is also available on 7″.

I’m jacking a concept from my man Murphy’s Law, i.e. disco songs that not only do not suck, but will seriously make you consider starting up your own collection.

This pair of songs originally came out on separate 7″s on Ananda and then were put onto the same 12″. It’s unclear to me if that was an official Ananda release or a bootleg but the cost of that 12″ and the original Skye 7″ are quite expensive (the Family Tree is relatively more “affordable” but only relatively). Either way, this is a remarkable pair of songs.

Of the two, the Family Tree is more upbeat and dance-able in a conventional sense. It opens with that great bassline bounce and the vocals are soulfully rich – I love how the vocal arrangement unexpectedly shifts on the chorus, it’s a small touch but adds so much to the song. However, as much as I like this single, “Ain’t No Need” is the kind of song I want to wrap around me like a sleeping bag – everything about this is sublime to me. It’s practically all chorus in essence but the chord progressions and instrumentation combine so beautifully that you can lose yourself inside the groove forever.