“The intent of this mix was to try and capture what WE’VE all been feeling these past months: hope, struggle, and the importance of facing a challenge. It also serves as a reminder, and perhaps an introduction to what OUR candidate is all about. With that being said enjoy, register, & get involved.

History, Change, & Victory In November” –King Most

The Obamix

    Intro/Smoked Sugar: I’m A Winner
    Roy Davis Jr.: People Get Ready
    Jackson 5: We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
    Erykah Badu: Solider (Sasaac Remix)
    Masta Ace: Beautifull
    Black Spade: We Need A Revolution
    Skull Snaps: It’s A New Day
    Marvin Gaye & The Mizzel Brothers: We Are We Going?
    James Brown: Mind Power
    Antibals: Si Se Puede
    Grandmaster Flash: The Message (Next Message Blend Version)
    Dj Day: A Place To Go
    Double Exposure: Everyman For Himself
    Donald Byrd: Change Makes Ya Wanna Hustle
    Stevie Wonder: Blackman (Kay Sputnik Re-Edit)
    L.T.D.: Love To The World
    Cymande: Bra
    Pitbull: American War
    The Dynamics: Move On Up