That is the new package of goodies connected with the release of the Groove Merchant Turns 20 compilation put together by my good friend “Cool” Chris Veltri (with intro essay by yours truly). It’s in celebration of the Groove Merchant’s 20th anniversary as the best damn record store on the planet (at least for me) and I want your help in getting the word out about it.

If you run a site and write a short post about the new comp (link back to this page) and then send me an email confirming you’ve done so, I will randomly select one of you to win the album (in whichever format you want), poster + t-shirt (of your size). You can find (and link to) sound clips for all the songs at the new Groove Merchant tumblr page.

Personally, my favorite tracks include:
Ronn Forella – Crystals by Groove Merchant 20

Rod Abernethy – Ron and Eddie Blues by Groove Merchant 20


Numonics – You Lied by Groove Merchant 20

Either way, you get to write about a very cool little comp that could use the shine and in the process, you’ll be eligible to win a very cool little package of goodies, courtesy Ubiquity Records.

I’ll wrap up the contest in the next 7-10 days. Go forth, be fruitful! And seriously, thanks.