Not sure why I didn’t think of this years ago but people often request that I re-up certain songs and as general policy, I don’t take requests since it would get unwieldy. I’ve decided to relent on that by doing this…

Ground Rules: Post your song re-up requests in the comments below and each week, I’ll bring back 3-4 songs for 2 weeks.

Don’t make more than two requests.

If you make a request and it’s not honored – don’t ask for it again. In many cases, I simply don’t have the song in a digital form.




  1. I have an idea. At the end of each month, why not throw the songs posted that month into a zip file and post it in a Megaupload link. That way there is plenty of time for folks to catch up with tunes they missed and you never have to worry about it again.

  2. Here’s a request for the old Laura Nyro tunes.  I get accused of downloading too many male singers but your old posts on her sounded real intriguing.  Thanks for the hard work.

  3. A few years ago my computer crashed and I lost about two years worth of Soul Sides music. I’d love it if you could re-up Biggie’s Party and Bullshit (Finesse Mix)  and Nas’ Represent (Original Mix). And I know I sound like an idiot but I’ve been searching forever for a song you posted around 2005. I don’t know the artist or song title, but it’s a This Is A Man’s World-esque song with the chorus: “When they tell you that I don’t love you, pay no attention/When they tell you that I don’t care, pay no attention.” I even searched your archives but couldn’t find anything. Anyway, keep up the good work, O-Dub.

  4. Got an idea too. Why not make a seperate section in the site where people can post their request and were people can post these tracks for others and thus build on the already excisting close community? I wouldnt mind throwing some tracks online via megaupload for ppl where I know, basef on the fact that they visit this site, that they truly enjoy good music. I have many old soulsides tracks on my drive and bo doubt others as well.
    Good idea? I mean, dont let

  5. o man i need this dr. john song. i think i got it off here im not sure. i had it on my old computer just called track 3 by untitled, but i’m sure it’s dr. john. it goes, ” all around shooter up, all around shooter up, all around all around town, we gon go downtown and boogie down, we shoot around… cheek to cheek, hey now rap to it” if you ahve that song pleaseeeeee re-up. or if anyone knows the name of it or where i could find it that would be great. thanks

    1 love

  6. A while back my USB shat itself, taking with it a number of songs I’d downloaded from Soul Sides. I can’t remember all of them, but a couple I do remember were by Raphael Saadiq, the bonus tracks from “The Way I See It” sessions. One was called “7”, and can’t remember the other.

  7. I’d kill for “Moonlight Lovin (Menage a Trois)” by the Isaac Hayes.

  8. Please post that “Stand” disco remix of the Joubert Singers(maybe by Larry Levan?) from a couple of years ago. It got lost on my old hard drive, and is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever heard. Thanks a lot.

  9. Can you Re-up any of the following:
    Stolen Moments – The Ahmad Jamal Trio
    My Sweet Lord – Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires
    You Call That Love – J-Ro
    Maybe – Janis Joplin & Her Kozmic Blues Band
    In the Space – Janko Nilovic
    I’m Wishin’ – Lorez Alexandria
    The Old One, Two – RAMP
    Do Your Thing – Renee Geyer
    You Know Now [Remix] – Show & A.G.

    No sob story, just missing from my iTunes lib. Take care and Keep up the good work.
    Kings go forth are amazing!

  10. i NEED you to reup FUNKY BOOTY from about a month ago.  Somehow I got only the first 15 seconds of this jam and I keep hearing it on shuffle as an odd, funky-as-fuck intro to another song…must have the rest.

  11. i saw an L.Nyro request. For sure!

    and please oh please “Strange Man” by Dorothy Love Coates

    Thanks! Much love

  12. Oh man, if you could re-up “Keep My Baby Warm,” I would be so happy.  I lost a bunch of mp3’s a long time ago, and most of the best stuff I recovered from burned CD’s, but the mp3 of that song was corrupted.

  13. It wasn’t that long ago that you posted Beatles For Soul (9/9/09) and while I don’t need to download them, someday you may want to astound newbies and sleepers with your four Oliver’s Picks and maybe even the other 3 too.  I especially enjoy The Overton Berry Trio: Hey Jude.  Yesterday while I was spring cleaning my ipod cycled into Al Green: I Want To Hold Your Hand and I almost fell off my ladder.  I want to mention Aretha Franklin: Eleanor Rigby because I couldn’t help imagining McCartney’s thoughts when he heard first heard that.  I remember Otis Redding’s comment when Aretha released his R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: “That girl just stole my song!”  When Aretha merges with a song, the originals dissolve.

  14. Sly, Slick & Wicked – Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out On Us)

    sorry I’m late to the thread, I’ve been obsessing over “confessin’ a feeling” and now I’m looking for anything/everything from this group. incredible.

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