Things I’ve realized with this Bataan giveaway:

1) I’ve either sold copies of Deep Covers 2 to the maximum amount of readers or else, you folks are cheap… (Kidding!)

2) I need to make my trivia questions just a little easier.

3) Or I can just have been randomly write in but where’s the fun in that?

In any case, winner of the non-signed copy: B. Holt
Winner (and sole competitor) in the trivia contest: H. Mestdach

For those playing at home, here were the answer to the trivia contest:

    1) What Latin producer of Alegre fame did Joe Bataan record with prior to signing with Fania?
    A: Al Santiago.
    2) How many original albums (not including compilations or reissued content) did Joe record for Fania (this is a trick question of sorts so think it through carefully)?
    A: Nine. Gypsy Woman, Subway Joe, Riot, Singin’ Some Soul, Poor Boy, Mr. New York and the Eastside Kids, Sweet Soul, St. Latin’s Day Massacre, Live From San Frantasia. The trick question was the last album, Live From San Frantasia which was recorded but never released.

    3) Some of Joe’s most successful songs have been covers: “Gypsy Woman, “Shaft,” “The Bottle.” Name the original artists behind these other Joe Bataan songs:
    a. “It’s a Good Feeling (Riot)”
    b. “I’m No Stranger”
    c. “Make Me Smile”

    A: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Seven Souls, Chicago

    4) What Ismael Miranda boogaloo mash-up/cover of “Tighten Up” does Joe Bataan make a cameo on? Name the song and album.

    A: “Horsin’ Up” from Presenta Ismael Miranda.

    5) What pseudonym did Joe take on when he recorded for Bobby Marin’s Dynamite label?

    A: Mister Love and Company.

    6) Two different songs that Joe recorded earlier in his career ended up re-released on later albums in their intact (i.e. non-rerecorded) form. One was “Ordinary Guy” – the same version appears on both Riot and Singin’ Some Soul. What is the other song and which two albums did it appear on?

    A: “Shaft.” It appeared on a second run issue of Sweet Soul and was on all copies of St. Latin’s Day Massacre.

    7) What classic from Joe’s repertoire appears on his Salsoul album, but with a different name?

    A: “Ordinary Guy,” under the title, “Muchacho Ordinario.”

    8) What’s different about the 7″ version of “Woman Don’t Want to Love Me” compared to the LP version from Afrofilipino (be specific)?

    A: The 7″ version has as a keyboard arrangement missing from the LP version.

    9) What old school rap duo was supposed to appear on “Rap-O, Clap-O” instead of Joe rapping himself?

    A: Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.
    10) What martial art are Joe’s children all masters of?
    A: Karate.

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