Bill Withers: No Hands, Gramma (Re-edit by Shoes)

Taken from the whitelabel 12″ (2008)

Barbara Acklin: I Can’t Be Myself (Floorman Re-Edit)

Mp3 taken from here

Chic: I Want Your Love (Re-Edit by Todd Terje)

Taken from a mix cd that a friend gave me… (a few weeks ago)

James Brown: Sayin’ It And Doin’ It (Sugarloaf Gangsters Mix)

Taken from the album Doin’ James on Gamm (2008)

Chaka Khan: Every Little Thing (Barna Soundmachine Edit)

Taken from the whitelabel 12″ (2005)

Ralfi Pagan: Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (4 Hero Remix)

Taken from the album I Like It Like That: Fania Remixed on Fania (2008)

“Simplify, simplify.” –Henry David Thoreau

I’ve always liked that quote. And let it be known, friends, that as sure as it applies to the great quandries of existentialism, so too with… a proper re-edit.

The beauty of a good re-hashing of somebody else’s (hopefully) already realized work is the subtle accentuation of elements already present to form a just-barely-ever-so-slightly-more groovy groove. A more slinky slink. A more rifftastic riff. Likely, but not necessarily limited to the intention of moving a dancefloor more provocatively.

But pay heed re-editors and re-mixers, because often the song itself doesn’t need too much work… Your job is to find those few subtle elements and re-establish them as the cornerstones of the whole shebang. All you’re looking for is one narrow window–a guitar line, a bass burble, a drum break–and suddenly a 3 minute song becomes 6, a piano spurt becomes a great anticipatory soliloquy… and a dancefloor becomes a temple to your work.

The tracks: These are some of my current favorites in the re-edit department. Some for their obvious potency on a dancefloor (Chaka Khan, James Brown) others for their truly fine interpretations of the originals (Bill Withers, Ralfi Pagan). I do feel a need to emphasize just HOW amazing “Didn’t Want To Have To Do It” is… This song for me has been a frickin’ revelation. As a long time fan of Mr. Pagan (and 4 Hero, for that matter), this little number absolutely guts me, leaving me panting, sweating and begging for more.

The rest I’ll let speak for themselves.


ALSO. Tonight is BOOGALOO! @ The Short Stop in Echo Park (1455 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles,90004)

For those of you who haven’t made it out yet… QUIT SLEEPIN’!!! Thursdays are your weekly chance to get up on joints like these while getting down on the dancefloor. Holler.