David Axelrod: Live In L.A.

Had a most excellent time at this event last night. Apart from running into some of my favorite people in Los Angeles, it was just amazing to see David Axelrod, live and in color, out. He’s a notorious recluse (not the 1000 cats kind but he’s not exactly a club rat, dig?) so the fact that he’d be out in public is rare at best and you could tell from the swarm of folks around him, people in LA were definitely taking advantage.

On that note, I wanted to take another opportunity to plug the David Axelrod: Live at Royal Festival Hall DVD/CD since this was what the event was focusing on and it’s a really remarkable document of Axelrod’s legacy and importance to multiple generation of music lovers.

Second, during the Q&A, Axelrod let it drop that this compilation is now available – a compilation of his key recordings for the studio bands Electric Prunes and Pride plus instrumentals to many of those songs, itself a pretty smart packaging move. (We’ll try to bring out a profile post soon).

Lastly, wanted to plug the silk-screening fiends running Hit and Run who were creating custom t-shirts for the event outside the Egyptian. Great concept, well-executed (and you know I’m gonna rock my shirt this Friday at the Mandrake). Their next event is at the LACMA on Thursday night.