People Under the Stairs vs. Marco Polo: Who Flipped It Better?

Duralcha: Ghet-to Funk
From 7″ (Microtronics, 1974). Also on Funk Spectrum 2.

People Under the Stairs: The Dig
From O.S.T. (Om, 2002)

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor: The Radar Remix
From 12″ (Fat Beats, 2007)

I’ve avoided using drum breaks as a point of comparison but I thought, given the distinctiveness of the Duralcha break and its prominence in both these songs (one being brand spankin’ new), it’d be worth throwing them up for public chatter. I’m fairly certain Thes One was the first dude to put the “Ghet-to Funk” drums on a record and this was in the last 5 years so it’s cool to see that the art of break diggin’ (which, of course, is what “The Dig” is all about) isn’t a lost one, especially with Marco Polo coming with that same distinctive breakdown in 2007. All I know is that b/t the two songs, I’m fiending for that Duralcha 45 (North Carolina funk at its finest).