Updated Blog Roll

So we finally updated the blog roll.

1) Steinski has a blog?! Awesome. Seriously, Stein is like the dudest of dudes ever.

2) Album blogs are now, for the first time really, represented. It was inevitable.

3) I’ve also include a few sites that are not, technically, pure audioblogs but mix content, such as the always excellent rap-related sites like Oh Word, Smoking Section and The Rap Up.

4) Of the new-new blogs, the most promising seem to be:

    A) >bounce/oz. The spelling of their site is awkward – even if it is a musical reference – but the content is cool.
    B) Funky Czech-In. I should have added this months ago. Not only does it have a great name but it’s the kind of audioblog I really appreciate – super-focused.
    C) Undercover. An audiophile that specializes in soul/jazz covers? Holla!
    D) Loaded to the Gills. Another site that should have been on the roll a long time ago, especially since it’s one of our fave new spots. If only they got off the yousendit tip. See below.
    E) Number One Songs in Heaven is dead. Long live Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop. We have no idea what that title means but where London Lee goes, we follow.
    F) Konstant Kontakt. Stretch Armstrong has a blog? With posts of his and Bobbito’s old shows? Oh yeah baby.
    G) Press Rewind. We mentioned them before but the last two posts, including Big L doing “Devil’s Son” live is just next level.

5) Pet Peeves: Seriously, sites need to realize there’s a lot more options out there for hosting than yousendit.com, rapidshare.com and whatever else. Unless you’re posting up albums, there’s no excuse for song sites to be using anything that doesn’t allow easy previewing of the songs. No offense, but I hate having to download a song just to hear it. Get familiar with: