After what seemed like a great beginning, I decided to stop using Peel. The main reason was that it stopped identifying all the songs that were posted even though I could discern no difference in how they were listed in a post. That kind of inconsistency pretty much negates the main reason you would use a program like Peel to begin with: consistency and reliability.

The other thing too: Peel won’t work for any MP3 site that doesn’t host its MP3s directly which means people using any kind of 3rd party storage site (which is many sites) will be operating outside of what Peel – or really, any similar program – can handle.

Especially given my fondness for trying out stuff like Divshare.net, this kind of limitation (through no fault of the programmers) makes any MP3 blog reader limited in worth. I’m perfectly happy with using my RSS reader to quickly flip through updated posts and scan for content I might want. It’s not nearly as efficient but then again, I also know I won’t end up missing songs by accident either.

If folks have had better experiences trying out other software, let us know in the comments.