Byron Lee and the Dragonaires: Who Done It
From Reggay Blast Off (Trojan, 1970)

Carl Maults-By: Nowhere
From Honey Baby, Honey Baby OST (RCA, 1975)

Still more sound file closet cleaning…

I don’t know if Byron Lee and the Dragonaires were the most prolific reggae band of the 1970s but it sure feels that way considering how many albums they put out. I own a handful of his titles, my favorite being Reggay Splash Down with its cover of “Express Yourself” (tasty!). This LP has at least one solid cut, “Who Done It” which begins with a nice percussive break (and yeah, it’s been looped). Not exactly designed to blow your socks off but it’s pleasant enough.

“Nowhere” comes off of the blaxploitation soundtrack for Honey Baby, Honey Baby (composed by Carl Maults-By). The soundtrack isn’t the illest ever but it has a handful of solid numbers, “Nowhere” being the best with its driving rhythm and small touches in the arrangement that you appreciate as you listen closer. I can’t really make out what the vocals are saying but the rest of the song speaks to me just fine.