I’m curious about something: how do folks here browse the site on the average day? For example, how many folks pop in, look for whatever new posts there are, download everything and then listen later?

How many listen live then decide what they might want to “keep”?

One reason I ask is that I foresee a slew of posts over the next few weeks (I’ll explain why in a future post) but I guess I’m always a little paranoid that if I have too many new posts up at once, the stuff that gets pushed towards the bottom – even if “new” – gets ignored vs. what’s at the very top. Therefore, I tend to artificially dole out posts, leaving most entries up for at least two days before tossing up the next but I realize this might not be necessary.

Would love to get an informal poll from visitors in the comments below as to their Soul-Sides “habits.” Thanks. –O.W.

By the way, I created a Myspace page for Soul Sides as a way to help generate awareness for the site and our CD. If you are a Myspace junkie, please be our friend and help us get the word out. (After all, all the cool kids are doing it. Or is it facebook now? I can’t keep up).

Update from 2016: Holy sh–, we had a Myspace page? I totally forgot that. Well, it was 2006.

By the way, part 2: Just because I am paranoid about this sort of thing (see above): people need to understand just how completely f***ing awesome Donny Hathaway’s “What a Woman Really Means” is. I’ve been listening to this song on non-stop repeat for the last hour, after midnight, and it is the Greatest. Thing. Ever. (At least for tonight).